AT&T STEM Grants Now Being Accepted

2018-19 AT&T STEM @ Work Grant Guidelines


• The intention of AT&T is to provide students with opportunities to better understand an area of STEM through workplace-based experiences and to increase their awareness and interest in STEM careers.
• Each CFEF member that submits an eligible project by 12/09/2018 may receive $2,000 in funding.
• Local education foundations may submit more than one application for funding, but please make clear your priority in funding. If you submit three applications and we can only fund two, we need to know which two you would like funded.
• Projects may take place through mid-June 2019 and during school or after school/weekends. Please consider the project timeline and ensure that a final project evaluation can be completed BEFORE June 30, 2019.
• Projects may be at the classroom, grade level or school level.
• Awardees will be REQUIRED to measure ALL the outcomes below. If your project is NOT able to report on all these, including STEM-subject grades, please do not submit a request for funding.

  • number of students who show increased interest in taking STEM classes in future;
  • number of students who show increased interest in pursuing a STEM major;
  • number of students who show increased interest in pursuing a STEM career;
  • number of students who increased STEM-subject grade.

• All submitted projects must have a business partner listed to be considered for funding.
• Projects must impact at least 20 students.
• Projects must involve at least 20 hours contact between students and workplace partners, be directly tied to curriculum, and focus on problem-solving and application of STEM skills.
• AT&T STEM@Work is not intended to solely fund field trips to a work site—make the connection to the on site visit and the curriculum in the classroom. Demonstrate the connection of real-world relevance to classroom curriculum in the Project Detail section of the application. If you have a question about a project and the fit with this grant, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to talk through project design to ensure compliance with the grant guidelines.
• NOTE FOR 2018-19: Expenditures may not include technology such as laptops, phones, or other such equipment requiring internet or data access; or anything benefitting employees of any school/district or foundation, including payments or stipends to district-employed school bus drivers.
• All funded projects must be able to submit tangible results of the project including photos, presentations, promotional materials, project examples. These materials will be used in the CFEF’s overall project report to AT&T at the end of the grant cycle.
• If you are purchasing equipment, please indicate what it will be used for in the Project Detail and if this will allow the project to be on-going.
• Participating foundations may retain up to 10% ($200) for project implementation with all other funds used for direct costs which may include program supplies, transportation and documented staff time spent directly on the project. Funding may be augmented by funds from other sources.
Please note: Funds may NOT be used for teacher stipends or substitute teachers.

Project Timeline
November 12, 2018 Announcement of the 2018-19 AT&T STEM at Work opportunity
December 9, 2018 Deadline for local education foundations to submit application
forms through the CFEF online grants management platform
December 10-14, 2018 Submitted applications reviewed
December 14, 2018 Selected awardees notified
April 1, 2019 Informal progress check-in with the CFEF; deadline to confirm to the CFEF that all funds will be expended by June 30, 2019
June 30, 2019 Final reports due to the CFEF from participating education foundations
August 2019 Submission of final report to AT&T