2023 Florida KidCare Partnership

Walton Education Foundation is a proud partner with Florida KidCare to help share information about affordable health and dental coverage to Walton County families.

Florida KidCare is the state of Florida’s quality, affordable health and dental insurance for
kids. Florida KidCare is made up of four unique programs—Medicaid for children, MediKids,
Florida Healthy Kids and Children’s Medical Services (CMS) Health Plan.

Who can apply for Florida KidCare?

Florida children from birth through the end of age 18 are eligible for Florida KidCare, Even
if one or both parents are working. Lawfully residing immigrant children are also eligible for
coverage, regardless of their parents’ immigration status.

It’s completely free to apply, and Florida KidCare works hard to keep coverage affordable.
Most families pay nothing at all for coverage, and many families pay as little as $15 or
$20 a month. Some families may have small co-pays for certain services. There are also
competitively priced full-pay options for those who do not qualify for subsidized coverage.
A free cost calculator is available to help Florida families interested in applying for Florida
KidCare. This tool utilizes two key pieces of information – family size and annual household
income – to estimate a family’s monthly premium payment for Florida KidCare coverage.